For ETG customers


Attention customers of ET Graphics in New Zealand.

As far as we know, ET Graphics is no more. They have been liquidated. A number of other printers picked up the tab where they left off.

We suggest you contact ABC Signs. They are good guys and will be more than happy to serve you online using the same web-to-print system (which is us). You won’t even need to register again – your details are still there.

We do not know who bought ETG, but since they neither the liquidator nor the new owners didn’t even bother to update their website and still send all the former customers to us we put this message up. Speaks volumes how much they value you, doesn’t it?

Feel free to reach us directly on if you have any questions.

One Response to “For ETG customers”

  1. Tekla Kridle Says:

    I am shocked and upset by your note to ETG Customers. This is more a reflection on you than on ETG. It doesn’t matter how good your company is, it is extremely unprofessional of you to post such a comment and if I could click on a ‘dislike intensely’ button I would. My businesses have greatly valued the support we have received from ETG over the years. They have been a stunning example of a values-based business. Yes, they are going through a hard patch right now, band don’t deserve to be kicked like this and in such a public way. I urge you to withdraw such a disappointing and self-serving announcement immediately. Sincerely, Tekla Kridle, Owner/Manager Harcourts Beckenham / Barrington / Harbourside

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