Web-to-print for books long awaited feature


Preparing books via web-to-print has just got a wee bit simpler with addition of new Default Text feature. It pre-populates text fields from the template as either editable text or a prompt.

default text for dynamic imaging exampledefault text for dynamic imaging example

The greyed-out text is a prompt and disappears when the text field is clicked. It helps map the fields to the content of the preview.

The normal black text is populated from the template and can be edited. For example, a web-to-print book may have a large piece of text that the user may only want to modify in a few places. It makes sense to provide the text first time they look at the web-to-print template – exactly what this web-to-print feature does.

Read more detail about it and how to turn it on in our web-to-print help section.

Note, it is only available with our Magento web-to-print package for now and you are likely to need an upgrade to web-to-print v. 1.9.1 beta 12 or later.

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