Hold your breath – keens are coming


Greg from Aleyant dropped me a link to this amazing stealth start-up http://www.keenprint.com/

They are going to “change the print industry forever”. They don’t say how or in which direction.


Their CEO makes all sorts of weird claims and promises and good on them – it’s how you get on top of the competition. What is really sad here is that there are enough gullible printers out there to buy into the hype. In this video (found on m-bossed.com) the CEO says he founded Keen in early 2008, which makes it a 4 year old business. He also talks about VistaPrint and this is what caught the attention.

Selling a web-to-print dream

We do get at least one request per day from someone who claims to know nothing about websites, but they have all this wonderful printing machinery and want to buy a magic solution to propel them to the next VistaPrint. Our advice to them is simple – don’t. They don’t need web-to-print or dynamic imaging because it’s not going to help them.

What’s the point of buying a horse if you know you can’t ride it?

What’s the point buying a web-to-print storefront if you have absolutely no clue about the dynamics of e-commerce or even how to maintain it?

Maybe they have the answer?

Never say never. This guy may truly have the right answer to make everyone a winner in a zero-sum game.

Anyway, we are holding our breath to see  how this patent pending printing storefront solution will make a difference. Good luck.


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  1. Xavi Says:

    The solution will be hardly tested with more than 2 years of beta-test http://goo.gl/u3gi3

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