– a web-to-print leader that follows


Imitation is the best form of flattery.

The image below is a cropped screenshot of this press release by PrintSites. Click on it to see the full version.

Funny enough, the fancy image of the laptop with the layered image comes from our web-to-print tutorial published in 2009.

Print Sites Press release


PrintSites, we love you :)

3 Responses to “ – a web-to-print leader that follows”

  1. admin Says:

    Hey, we actually don’t mind others using our images and templates.
    They are supposed to be under CreativeCommons anyway.

  2. Tim Giberson Says:

    Flash – yuk

  3. Kathy Says:

    Yup – you’re right – I usually pull our own templates to use as images in my press – but often i’ll do a search for free images within a category – this image was cool so I grabbed it. I will have to look closer next time at the source code! Please accept my apology. That said, I do think your headline is harsh. Surely when you looked at our site (which is new since you looked in September) you saw much more evidence that pointed to innovation and leadership than can be negated by one unfortunately-chosen image. Which is still a cool image, by the way. Take another look – I stand solidly on the knowledge that the only thing we’re following over here are our own good ideas and hard work. Best regards to you, Zeta Prints…Kathy Fawcett @ PrintSites

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