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We made a pretty cool upgrade to the Magento image editor that comes built in our web-to-print extension for Magento. Cropping images just became a lot easier and more intelligent.

Your web-to-print templates contain variable images that come in all shapes and sizes. Users will now be able to adapt any image they’ve uploaded in a way that is relevant to a specific image field shape and size requirements.

The new “Fit-in-field” tool we’ve added is basically a smart crop tool that has its selection area shape locked to a proportional shape according to the image placeholder of the template.

We split the image editor toolbox menu in two sections:

  1. Adapt for this field and
  2. Global changes

The top one introduces this new “Fit-in-field” tool and any image edits using this tool are used for the active image field only. This means that the same image can be cropped differently for different image fields in a single template.

Global changes” section, on the other hand, holds the old and familiar tools which change uploaded images for all fields in all the templates.

Yet another user-friendly feature is the horizontal shortcuts menu that is included in the “Fit-in-field” tool interface and allows users to quickly fit their uploaded image in the variable image area of the template they’re personalizing.

This new image editor feature is included in the latest beta ( release of the extension and is activated by default.

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  1. admin Says:

    The new image editor doesn’t work well with older templates. Not recommended for production use yet. Give us a few days.

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