Some of our clients do tend to stand out in the web-to-print crowd, www.eprinting.cl is a good example. These guys give a good demonstration of how far one can take our web-to-print service and take advantage of all its features.

Web-to-print localization

Their site is fully localized for the Spanish market in Chile. This is one of the languages that our web-to-print extension for Magento comes pre-translated with. You can translate your store into any language.

ePrinting localized Spanish web-to-print store

Custom web-to-print themes

These guys obviously made the right choice when they decided to go with a Magento based web-to-print store. Magento’s powerful eCommerce storefront comes packed with tons of features and is extensively supported by numerous third-party extensions, such as our own. On top of all, the looks of a Magento store can be completely customized by integrating custom themes.

ePrinting web-to-print product page

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