Magento Order Approval compatibility update


We’ve updated the compatibility of our Order Approval extension and its latest release ( ) is compatible with Magento v.1.6.1.

This extension allows you to organize an approval process in a Magento store and prevent certain customers from checking out until their orders are approved by a nominated approver.

How it works

The store administrator nominates one approver per customer. After that, any purchases made by a customer with an approver have to go through an additional approval step. Any items can be added to cart, but only approved items can be checked out.

When a customer tries to checkout, the extension checks for any new unapproved items and sends an email to the nominated approver. The approver can log in, view the list of items and approve the purchase.

Customers without a nominated approver can check out as usual.

Web-to-print compatibility

The extension remains fully compatible with our web-to-print extension for Magento.

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