Enterprise web-to-print package


Our main website about web-to-print and about dynamic imaging got a facelift. It is now using the same theme as our web-to-print help area.

We also re-arranged the way we call our software packages, but the substance is still the same.

Dedicated web-to-print and dynamic imaging

The most significant change is the Enterprise web-to-print offer. If you think you are big enough to justify a separate deployment of a web-to-print system as opposed to our standard SaaS offering we are happy to give you one. There is no definitive price tag because every deployment is different, but it makes sense to do if you pay us more than $4000 a month.

There are two main reasons for standalone deployments:

  1. reduced cost on large volumes
  2. security of supply

In other words, what are you going to do if your SaaS web-to-print provider stops providing the service to you tomorrow?

For some businesses it would be a complete disaster. Having the source code and controlling the hosting adds that level of security and independence.

The software can be deployed on your own servers, but our preference if you rent virtual servers on Amazon, RackSpace or other established cloud operator. Talk to us about your big project.

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