Overcharging for web-to-print


Our Magento web-to-print extension versions prior to generate output pdf/jpg files and bill for the order regardless of the payment result in Magento. It led to some of our customers facing bills much more than they expected. E.g., an order was placed, files generated, no payment from the customer, but it was still billed for at ZP end.

Solution 1: Express checkout

Web-to-print sites with credit card payments via PayPal can switch to PayPal Express option. There will be no orders generated in Magento unless the customer pays. The disadvantage is that you may want to accept the order and chase the customer for the payment or offer an alternative method. So it’s better to get the order and see if you can get paid later. Still, it’s a quick fix without updating the web-to-print extension.

Solution 2: upgrade ZP web-to-print extension

The latest beta release has some important changes to the way ZetaPrints generates orders.

We added a new configuration parameter on our web-to-print configuration page. The ZP order will remain as Saved and not billed for until the payment is confirmed in Magento or manually generated in ZP.

web-to-print payments

We also changed the way the code responds to internal Magento events. It should solve the problem with third party payment extensions. We definitely know there problems with customers in Chile, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and some others. Please, upgrade and let us know if we still don’t play nice with your payments extension.

Free web-to-print upgrade service

We are happy to provide a free upgrade service to any affected customers. Please, let us know your situation.

Thank you everyone for your patience with us.



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