Normalise whitespace feature


We introduced a new feature to the web-to-print text field editor that allows you to set a text field to automatically trim down any extra empty spaces from the user input.

We had 3 settings that could trim leading and trailing spaces, but anything inside the sentence would be left intact. It was possible for the user input to deform the variable web-to-print Paragraph text frame with a large number of empty spaces.

Web-to-print empty spaces

When the feature is activated for a text field, user input, that contains more than one consecutive empty space next to each other gets automatically reduced to a single empty space.

Web-to-print normalise whitespace

To activate this feature for a test field, open the Field editor for that field and choose “Normalise whitespace” option from the Trim drop-down menu.

Contact if you wish to activate this feature for a large number of templates in bulk. We should be able to do it for you through the back end.

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