PayPal issues – web-to-print orders are not paid


All web-to-print orders paid via PayPal rely on a confirmation sent back to us from PayPal. It appears they stopped sending them about 20 hours ago.

Their system status update isn’t very specific, but lots of other sites posted similar notes.

Looks like their problems started on Jan 27 and are continuing.

Notification: Some impact to PayPal API – Jan 28

Update 4: Issue in receiving Instant Payment Notifications (IPNs) – Jan 27

Follow-up: Major Impact to Express Checkout, PayPal APIs, Virtual Terminal, and Website Payments Pro Payflow Edition (PayPal Payments Pro in US) – Jan 27

Web-to-print orders are being processed, but not released for download or moved into ToPrint folder without the payment confirmation from PayPal.

Web-to-print orders that do not require a PayPal payment are not affected.

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