Lost files


One of the servers had a fault that went unnoticed for two weeks at the beginning of July. It was not saving files to the permanent storage while still reporting that everything was OK. By the time we realised there was a problem we lost 500 templates and 9000 images uploaded around that time.

We are trying to recover the files from other distributed locations, but many are lost forever.



Templates with no preview files, images with no thumbnails (just the name), orders with no previews.

What to do

Please, re-upload the missing files and regenerate orders.


Everything fails at some stage, but its is completely unacceptable that the file loss went for so long. We added more checks to the code for the future and the sysadmin responsible for the monitoring volunteered to spend a weekend working for a local Fair Trade shop.

Sorry, our bad :(


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  1. admin Says:

    Looks like we are on the way of recovering up to 50% of the lost files thanks to the redundancy in the file storage we use. It will take few more hours before we complete the recovery.

    All templates with non-recoverable files will be marked as such.

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