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We noticed that if a PayPal or some other hosted gateway payment is canceled Magento still goes through the checkout, but leaves the web-to-print order as “pending”. The problem is that our web-to-print code doesn’t differentiate by status – anything that goes through the checkout is processed by ZP, PDF files generated and the billing flag is set.

We cannot charge customers for web-to-print orders they don’t need, so an update is coming in the next few days. See our issue tracking for more details.

The other option is to install an SSL certificate and process credit cards right on your website.

Contact us if your web-to-print site is being affected by this issue. We should be able to remove those web-to-print orders from your billing. This was never our intention to charge for unpaid orders.


We had a nice web-to-print feature to let users choose their input from a table, like choosing from a database. This was done by attaching a dataset. It worked, but there was a bug so it looked as if it didn’t.

Well, just letting you know we fixed it. There is no need to change anything in existing web-to-print templates.



We made a significant change how large multipage web-to-print templates are handled at the back end. It was a bit of a weak spot for us. For example a 12-page web-to-print calendar was too slow as the user progressed through the page. Not any more. There is no difference processing page 1 or page 12 or page 20.

PDF generation got a wee bit faster too.

Time to get serious about web-to-print calendars. Let us know if your web-to-print templates are still not fast enough or simply time out. We will try to make them work.


Our Magento web-to-print extension versions prior to generate output pdf/jpg files and bill for the order regardless of the payment result in Magento. It led to some of our customers facing bills much more than they expected. E.g., an order was placed, files generated, no payment from the customer, but it was still billed for at ZP end. Read the rest of this entry »


Our recent stable release v. of Magento Web-to-Print extension is a bit of a flop.

It seems to work fine, but we didn’t think through the new set of buttons under the preview.


We are working on an update to simplify it, remove unnecessary buttons and allow the good old one button control as an alternative. :(


Magento has a bug where it doesn’t copy over the existing profiles after an upgrade to version 1.7.

Follow these instructions to manually insert the necessary code via Magento admin interface and restore your web-to-print import functionality.

ZetaPrints web-to-print templates synchronization

<action type="webtoprint/templates-synchronization" method="parse" />
<action type="webtoprint/products-updating" method="map" />

ZetaPrints web-to-print catalogues creation

<action type="webtoprint/catalogues-creation" method="parse" />

ZetaPrints virtual products creation

<action type="webtoprint/products-creation" method="map" product-type="virtual" />

ZetaPrints simple products creation

<action type="webtoprint/products-creation" method="map" product-type="simple" />