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Submit your web-to-print site to DMOZ.

It’s free, takes 15 min and pays back handsomely over time.


Featured products now show at the top of the catalog (sorted alphabetically) with all the other templates following in the alphabetical order.  They have larger titles to stand out.

This featured was added on top of the existing upselling where featured templates are offered as suggestions after placing an order.



Some suggest to the contrary, but getting your web to print products on the first page in search engines is the cheapest way to get more traffic.

How to get on the first page

First of all, do not go to any SEOs. If you want a snake oil recipe we’ll give you one for free.
Filling your web to print catalogs with content and linking to them from other good websites is the way to go.

Get real

Talking about getting found is only relevant in a context of keywords. What would your customer type into a search engine?
For example you sell “business cards”. Tough luck. There are already established players with catalogs much larger than yours. Google has approximately 60mln pages for anyone searching for “business cards“. Your chance is slim, but hard work may get you there over time.

Find a niche for your web-to-print

A search for “business cards plumber” returns only 160,000 pages. You’ve got a real good chance of landing on the first page there.

Target locals

What is your geographical area? Do you want to be found by anyone from anywhere? Probably not. A search for business cards on Google Australia has only 345,000 pages. You still have a chance of getting close to the top.

What you need

  1. Lots of web to print designs
  2. Tags for every web-to-print design
  3. Comments for every web to print design
  4. Links from other good websites to your web to print catalogs and templates
  5. Google Analytics account
  6. A bit of patience

More in the coming posts.


Sending out spam from is definitely not the way to promote your web-to-print or dynamic imaging site. As spam reports come from recipients to spam monitors like  a chain reaction is unleashed:

  • users complain to spamcop
  • spamcop complains to IP owner (Amazon)
  • Amazon sends us a stern reminder about their terms and conditions
  • we jump
  • we review the reports
  • we contact the web-to-print site owner
  • in case of obvious spamming we temporarily block the account until the spam is stopped

Please, do not promote your web-to-print services using unsolicited emails – it won’t work.



We noticed that the overall ordering volumes are down in the USA. There are several possible reasons:

1. The presidential elections. They hurt business.

2. We had about 8 hours of downtime due to Amazon Web Services failure.

3. Sandy

European and other volumes are on the up.


We released a new experimental extension for Magento to help printers and marketers get into direct mail market. The extension is very simple yet it does the job.  Add it to a web-to-print site and you get a one stop shop for direct mail. Read the rest of this entry »


It would be an obvious choice to cut the middleman out and go directly to consumers with your web to print offer. After all, this is what you bought it for.  Think again.

Web to print on it’s own is worth only as much as it saves you on prepress work. It doesn’t sell anything for you, on the contrary to what web to print vendors want you to believe. So, you need to market it. Can you? Really?

Niche web-to-print

Not everyone is good at sales or marketing. Many of us would rather cut code or run a press. This is where the middleman comes in.

Let the middleman market it for you. Take for example the “bridezilla“. They ain’t ordering no invitations online. They go to a wedding consultant or some other agency. Then the consultant would handle the ordering.

Forget about marketing directly to “-zillas”. Target wedding agencies instead. Offer them something exclusive. Hide your beautiful web-to-print wedding invitations behind login and password and make them available to the agencies only.You still benefit from someone promoting your service and using an interface that saves you money on pre-press.

Offline marketing for online service

Search engine marketing is a zero sum game. Are you good at it? The chance is you ain’t, but it’s not the end of the world.

An alternative strategy for our bridezilla example would be investing your marketing budget in beautifully done samples and freebies to

  • get wedding consultants on board
  • or establish a special relationship with a wedding publication
  • or find an ambassador in a celebrity.

Then, as it happens, you can feed the news back to the online world and get links helping you grow traffic organically.

You simply get more for the same amount of money. It’s not just about being #1 in Google.

Letterpress – deserves a personal touch

One of niche products that may be a hard sell online. You need to hold it in your hand to appreciate it. Photos via Flickr.

Apple Letterpress Tree CardApple Letterpress Tree CardApple Letterpress Tree Card


Just a quick tip on how you can use LinkedIn to get your web-to-print service in front of potential customers and partners – LinkedIn Groups.

There are 2 main ways of getting your web to print message across in Groups:

  • spam the heck out of them with self-promotional messages
  • get something interesting in front of them or ask for their opinion

Another interesting feature of groups is ability to add group members to your network and send them direct messages. Normally you’d need some sort of other connection with the person and groups is one of them.