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Update highlights

– public access (no registration required) option for catalogues
– use Open Type fonts with PostScript outlines

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Business name is optional in catalogues

Unsuccessful registration notification

Public access enabled now

Use of Post Script fonts


Update highlights

– Changes and improvements to the registration process
– Copy Template bug fixed
– Clone Catalogue bug fixed
– Share Template URL feature

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Share Template URL

User registration

Copy Template / Copy Catalogue bug fixes


Fresh off the web2print development mill – changes to the printer interface.

New menu format

The main menu moved into a horizontal line at the top of the screen.

The side bar on the left shows catalogs and templates only.

Web-to-print order list

You need to click on Orders link in the menu to see order folders with order counts.

Web-to-print orders report

Orders report now includes most of payment information, if there was a payment made.

It has only the last transaction details. E.g. if you refunded the order it will have the refund transaction, not the original payment.

PDF settings for Web-to-print

PDF settings are now managed from a separate page.

Empty Deleted folder

Every catalog has a setting for order retention. The default is 6 months. You can reduce it down to 1 month per catalog.

Clicking on Empty next to Deleted on Orders page will permanently delete any order that are older than the set retention period in the catalog as well as all deleted test orders.

Orders can be deleted only after you paid for them.


Watch a quick demo of the new interface