We released a beta version of an access control extension for Magento.

Magento Community edition (the free one) has no access control. It’s a feature of their Enterprise edition, which costs money. We created a simple extension that allows access control at a basic level, but it should do the job for small portals. Please, give it a try.

Web-to-print extension update

We also released a stable update for our web-to-print extension for Magento. It went through a dozen of betas and has many bugs fixed, plus many new features. It’s really shaping up now. Image uploading and basic editing features are in the works. We planned to release them couple of weeks ago, but the festive season got on the way.

You need to update the XML in data import and product creation profiles for the latest upgrade to work correctly. See the latest help for web-to-print extension.

Problems with emails

We are having problems with many emails not being delivered. It is a complex issue with some of it beyond our control. We are trying to find altenatives, but it may take another 24 hrs.

Would you like notifications about new web-to-print orders to arrive as text messages to your cellphone via Twitter? Flick us an email and we’ll set you up.

Setting up Magento can be a bit of a hassle. Doing it on AWS (Amazon Web Services) for the first time is even more so. Good guys from GreenGeko made it a bit easier for all of us and released a free AWS image full of goodies with Magento already installed.

Anyone thinking of decent hosting for your Magento web-to-print site can give it a try. This is the page you get after launching the instance.


How to find it

Assuming you already have your AWS account, a ZetaPrints account and ElasticFox addon it’s relatively simple.

  1. Open ElasticFox and log in to your AWS account
  2. Click on Images tab
  3. Wait for the list to appear
  4. Type in Magento into the text box as in the screenshot below. You should see a much reduced list.
  5. Choose an image with a title resembling the one in the screenshot.
  6. Right-click on the selected image and launch an instance.
  7. Go to Instances tab and grab the public address / DNS name from the properties once the instance is running.
  8. Paste the address into your web browser.

You should see a page similar to the screen-shot above with all the details about the instance, Magento and support options.

web-to-print image

Other Magento images

There are some other Magento images, mainly by JumpBox. You can try them as well, but you are in for a bit of expense. Check them out. Could be value for money for you. We’ll stick with the free option for now.

Magento support

As much as we want to switch you to Magento we cannot assist with the installation or support of your Magento site. Our partners will be happy to help you.

Magento web-to-print

This Magento image has no pre-installed web-to-print. Follow our instructions to set up and configure your web-to-print site.

We released a beta version of some image management and image editing functions for our web-to-print API.

There is not much at the moment:

  • get list of images
  • get image details
  • upload new
  • delete
  • crop
  • rotate
  • edit title

Some other functions are in stealth mode and will be released soon:

  • copy to different folder
  • move to different folder

We want to add a few filters to the mix, e.g. grayscale,  sepia, watercolor, etc. Need your input on what you think will be popular with your web-to-print customers. Your suggestion on what you think is a good implementation of this functionality are very welcome.

Web-to-print image editing will appear in our Magento web-to-print plugin first and then will be transferred to the core user interface. This is work in progress at the moment.

Magento web-to-print update

We are actively working on image uploading and image editing for our Magento web-to-print extension. It has not been finished yet, but we are looking for early adopters to help with polishing the feature.

Please, download the latest beta and give it a try. Send your questions to web-to-print support at support@zetaprints.com.

Performance problems

The site is running much slower than it used to. We are adding more capacity over the weekend. There is a problem with auto-scaling and we don’t want to cause any disruption while the ordering is in full swing.

We had problems with keeping our web-to-print extension for Magento in sync with internal Magento updates. Looks like we’ve caught up, for now.

If you tried the web-to-print extension on your Magento site and it didn’t work, please, install an update.

If you haven’t tried it yet, it may be worth giving it a go. The extension targets printers selling simple designs to the general public. It’s quite limited yet, but you can make it look as nice as you wish!

New features:

  • preview updates directly in Magento, no IFRAMEs
  • choice of IFRAME or internal preview updates


  • users cannot upload their images

We do want to know if you have any problems with the update or a clean install.

We released a stable version of web–to-print extension for Magento 1.4. Lots of new web-to-print features.

New web-to-print features

It is fully compatible with the new Magento release and has a log of new features. Image editing is one of them. Images cannot be moved yet, but they can be cropped and rotated right on the previews page.

Web-to-print in your language

Magento itself can be run in many languages. All popular ones have already been translated to. Our web-to-print extension can be translated as well. You can run it in German, French, you name. There are lots of translation packages ready to be downloaded and installed. Translate the web-to-print part and it will be all in your language.

Web-to-print extension is ahead of ZP

In some respect, our Magento extension is more advanced than the standard ZetaPrints web-to-print interface. It is definitely better suited for applications where the visual part of the interface is more important than its simplicity.

Do you want to migrate?

Anyone looking at customization of your web-to-print portal should seriously look into our Magento web-to-print extension. We can definitely help you with setting up a Magento web-to-print site and migrating your ZP data there. Let us know if you are interested.

If you are using ZetaPrints web-to-print within a Magento site it’s likely you are running an old user interface. Please, switch to the new.

  • Log in to your web-to-print system as a printer
  • Go to BRANDING / Page layout
  • Choose New from Page layout dropdown.

This new interface has no additional links to take a user astray from the IFRAME. Besides, we do not support the old interface. It is there for those who doesn’t like change, a wish which we respect fully.

The new web-to-print interface hides everything from the page if shown in an iframe, except for the elements needed to update and save the preview. If you sill want to hide even more or re-arrange the screen you need to invest in a bit of CSS and JavaScript work.

We toyed for a while with image uploading in our Magento web-to-print extension. It was working so-so for some weeks, but now it progressed to a stable build.

There was a number of improvements in the admin area and web-to-print data import as well.

Add our Magento access control extension and it comes together into a neat corporate web-to-print portal with you in control of the presentation and workflow.

We are working on image editing and approval process at the moment.

Help with setting up

Unfortunately we can help only so much with setting up and configuring a Magento web-to-print store. There was a number of successful installations and the freelance developers that did it will be happy to help you too. The cost is likely to be much lower than hiring a web development company. Send us an email and we’ll put you in touch with someone.

We noticed a few customers running our Magento web-to-print extension didn’t configure their payment rules correctly and are open for a bit of a rip off.

Namely, if you set your billing rules in Magento to credit card only for certain countries and not the others, then those others have an option of paying by money order. It means they have a free run if you allow file downloading.

By the way, did you look at our latest stable release?

Several improvements in there and more in the works. Order approval is one of them. Let us know about your desired approval process. We try to make the process as generic as possible, but yours may have some interesting twists we need to know about.

We had a bit of a gap in our web-to-print Magento offering for customers working with corporate or on-account users. We created a Magento access control extension long time ago, but order approval remained unresolved until now.

Magento order approval

Magento order approval extension adds an extra step between the customer’s shopping cart and the checkout process. It means that customers are able to add any number of products into their shopping cart, delete and modify them at any time without any restrictions, but they can not checkout products from the cart before they are approved.

Order approval extension is free and can be used separately without our web-to-print extension or ZetaPrints account.