Web-to-Print & dynamic imaging


Make it easy to advertise with you

Placing a text ad with Google takes 5 minutes. Updating it takes another 3 minutes. Is it as easy to advertise with you online or in print?

Our web to print software makes it equally easy to place creative print and banner ads. Spare your advertisers from the pain of preparing creatives and save money with a flat fee per booking.

Web-to-print for publishers

Complex designs

ZetaPrints web-to-print software goes well beyond simple text and image replacement.

Let your designers come up with cool creative ideas. Our web-to-print software will do the rest.

For casual advertisers

A small business without strict branding may find it easier to use a template from our web-to-print design marketplace. We have a constantly growing pool of web-to-print designs for any taste and size.

For brands and on account advertisers

Create and upload web to print templates for on-account advertisers with all their branding and make it easy for them to re-order with changes. It costs less than what you pay to your in-house designers right now.

What it costs

You only pay US$1.7 per web-to-print booking. Everything else is free. No strings attached.

How it works

ZetaPrints web-to-print is a template based system. It takes no more to make a template than to make any other design.

Design marketplace

Let your advertisers find ad designs they like at our marketplace and use them as their creatives to advertise with you.

In print and online

Advertisers can place ads on your website and in the print edition using the same web-to-print interface.


Your domain name, your skin, your name on our web-to-print interface to make it a fully branded, uniquely yours ad booking website.


ZetaPrints web-to-print API makes it easy to integrate web-to-print into your news website. Use our back-end to power your own user interface the way you want.