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Create banners on the fly

ZetaPrints dynamic imaging software combines image templates with user input and outputs personalized banner images ready to be served in your ad network.

Banner templates

Casual and small business advertisers can find a good choice of designs in our ever growing graphic design marketplace. They only need to enter their texts or upload images. They don’t need to be designers to get a professionally professionally designed banner.

Some advertisers may want to upload their own templates and use them exclusively. The result is still the same – anyone can prepare a professionally looking banner in seconds.

Dynamic banner generation

Our dynamic imaging system can be used to create one banner manually or update an entire campaign automatically. Advertiser CMS and product databases can be connected directly to our back-end via dynamic imaging API. If the advertiser changes the daily special in the connected CMS from “10% off” to “free shipping” we can automatically update all their banners in just a few seconds saving them hours of work.

Part of your ad network

ZetaPrints is a hosted service, yet it can be easily integrated into your ad management system using our dynamic imaging API. It is up to you how our service is presented to your customers.

Pool of designs

Our marketplace is an optional feature and is only available under our own brand, where we collect the payments and set prices. You may create your own marketplace or only allow use of templates uploaded by your customers for their exclusive use.

Account management

You can choose between having a single master account for the entire ad network and take full control of all account management aspects, including registering your own customers, managing templates, setting prices and collecting payments.

Alternatively, you can be “hands-off” and let your customers deal with us directly.