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Dynamic imaging widget

ZetaPrints dynamic imaging and web-to-print Flash widget can be easily embedded into any web page. The widget can show templates from an existing catalog of designs or you can upload your own. It’s free and open source.


The Flash widget can be used anywhere you need to produce a personalized image using a template:

The widget retrieves templates from ZetaPrints and talks to our dynamic imaging API to generate images. You can use publicly available templates or upload your own. Embedding our dynamic imaging widget is easy. You can run it in a custom size or as a full page.



We built this dynamic imaging plugin for fun, but there is much more in it than showing funny pictures on blogs.

  • Promotion of your products – build a catalog with simplified samples of your print products and ask other websites to embed the plugin. It will drive more traffic to your website as people click through to see more designs.
  • Promotion of your talent – build a catalog with interesting designs and let people have fun with them and see your name as the author.
  • Integration – embed the plugin into your pages with dynamically generated content or web-to-print integration as we did for Magento.