About web-to-print API


ZetaPrints provides direct connection to its back-end via web-to-print Aplication Programming Interface or API. It allows customers to add new specific features, replace screens or bypass ZetaPrints user interface altogether. Doing so requires considerable IT skills.

Web to print API Key

Access to API does not required login and password as in the normal web page access. The users are authinticated by a unique key that can be found on web-to-print API page. The page is available to holders of master (printer, publisher, business) account only.

Web to print API page

Web to print API page

Keep your API key secret just as a password. Generate a new key if needed.

Web to print API client IP

If your Internet connection has a static IP address we recommend to limit API access to that address only. It greatly improves security.

Navigate to API page and click on Set IP link. It will save your current IP address as the only address your API can be accessed from.

Accessing web-to-print API

Web to print API can only be accessed through your custom domain name, not through zetaprints.com. There must be a match between your domain name and your API key.

All requests are based on simple HTTP GET requests with a small number parameters.

Web page name: api.aspx

Example: http://posters.example.com/api.aspx?page=api-orders;ApiKey=532525b4-10fe-4424-bf8f-890cb8bd57a1;DateFrom=2008-01-01T00:00:00

More information parameters is provided in individual posts on each API call.


Web to print API returns text/xml as per a schema for every type of call. It does not return any multimedia or image mime types. Detailed description of response structures can be found in web-to-print api schema.

Error messages are not informative. A valid request may return 404 response code with no content or a generic error page.

Hidden API calls and assistance

Not all API functions are open for general use. Some functions need to be enabled on per-customer basis. Please, let us know what API functionality you require. Contact support@zetaprints.com for more info.

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