Adding new users


This article explains how to add new users to a catalogue.

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Who can manage users

User management is available only under Printer and Business accounts. Designers and Users cannot manager users, except for a user nominated as an Office Manager.


Adding new users

Enter email addresses separated by pressing enter and click Add new users when finished. The system will check the addresses and add users to the catalogue. New users will be registered for the first time and existing users will be given access to the catalogue.

Limits on number of user registrations

There is no limit on a number of users per catalogue, but you cannot register more than 100 emails at a time. Large numbers of emails need to be split into groups less than 100 each. There is a half-second delay on sending a registration email. Registering 100 new users may take up to a minute.

Copy users from another catalogue

This feature was designed for password protected catalogues. For example, if you have a customer with a single catalogue which has grown too large and you want to separate it into several smaller catalogues. Simply create a new catalogue and copy all the users from the old one.
Note that you will still need to maintain two lists of users after the initial copying, so if you add users to one catalogue, you may also need to add them to the other. Automatic user list synchronisation will be added some time in the future.

Users that get copied:

  • Users manually added to the source catalogue
  • Users registered using self-registration URL

Users that are not copied:

  • Users that access the catalogue by the right of their email address
  • Users registered for public catalogues
  • Users registered using self-registration URL if their address has not been confirmed

Notify existing users

Any new email address triggers an automatic email to the address with registration information. If the email is already registered (confirmed or not) then no email is dispatched, unless notify existing users option is checked on. Warning: there is a delay of 1 second for every repeat email sent to a registered user. Avoid using this option with large user lists.
The primary reason to introduce the delay is to avoid sending unwanted emails to large numbers of users.
You can always download a list of users and sent them individual reminders and invitations.

Rejected addresses

A valid email address can be rejected if it is already registered as a designer, a printer or a business. Invalid addresses will also be rejected. E.g. jo, is not valid because it contains a comma.

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