Advanced text with bullets


Lists with bullets can be mixed and matched with plain text within the same text frame using {brackets} or even made [optional] in web-to-print templates.

Markup example

Object name: Header;Intro;Features;Description

[{Intro text

  • [{Feature 1
  • Feature 2
  • Feature 3}

{Detailed description



Enclose bulleted text in {brackets} spanning multiple lines, if needed. Placing a [square bracket at the beginning will remove all bullets if no input is provided.


There must be an empty paragraph after bullets and the immediately following field if you use [square bracket at the beginning of the bulleted list.

There must be an empty paragraph before the bulleted list if the preceding text block is optional (when you use a [square bracket at the beginning of it).

Bullets may get unwanted indentation with some symbols, but not the other if you use non-default styles.

Visual examples

These previews were produced using the example above with variations in user input. The paragraph frame was aligned vertical-center.

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