Anonymous users


Access to public web-to-print catalogs does not require registration. Our web-to-print software encourages users to register, but they may choose not to. You can register them after they placed an order if they gave you enough details in the address/delivery fields.

Normally users are identified by their email address. Anonymous users are identified by a long unique ID string that shows on Order details page. Click on the ID to access the user’s profile.

The user profile page will show that the user is unregistered. Click on Edit and enter user’s email address and a personal message. The system will assign all orders from this anonymous user to the entered email address.

If the email address belongs to an existing user the task may stop there. Otherwise you can continue entering user details.

Assigning anonymous orders to existing users

It may be that a user is already registered, but the orders show as from an anon.

  • Click on the user ID link on Order Details page
  • Click on Edit link in the user profile
  • Enter email address of an existing user, with or without a personal message

All orders for this unregistered user will be transferred to the registered email address.

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