Assistance with free websites


Setting up your website is easy but asking a professional to assist you might help you save time and money.

Choosing a place to host

Find a hosting company that suits you best. Feel free to ask us for our opinion about your choice. It may save you time and money later.

Our partner, ZackDesign has a fully hosted package with no set up fee and some ridiculously low monthly price.

Installation and configuration

A web developer can install and configure a website for you.

You need to have a hosting account with full access details and tell the web developer what theme (skin) you want to use.

You can ask the developer to do only basic configuration and launch the website. You will need to spend about an hour doing small adjustments to make it look the way you want.

Some themes (skins) come broken. The developer may or may not be able to repair it for free. Use any of our recommended partners or some other party to do the repairs. It will still be cheaper than designing a completely new layout.

Quote request forms and file upload

You only need to spend a few minutes configuring the forms the way you want, for the printing processes you want. It is really easy. Our trusted partners will happily provide you with additional assistance, should you require one.

Customization and creative work

Our trusted partners can transform this free website configuration into something bigger and even more powerful. Feel free to use any other web design company instead. Just point them at this manual.

Trusted partners

Isaac from ZackDesign – a highly recommended WordPress programmer, designer and admin. He helped us put this package together and wrote several WordPress plug-ins.

Are you a web designer / programmer / admin working with WordPress and want to be on this list?

Help a few of our customers for free, get their good recommendations or help us improve our free offer and we’ll gladly put your name here.

Other popular freelance websites

Here are some other popular websites where you can find freelancers to help you set up your free website:

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