Billing rules


This article explains how ZetaPrints counts orders to bill holders of “printer” account.

Test orders

Test orders placed by printers or designers excluded from billing. In other words they are free. There is no limit on how many orders you can place. This does not apply to orders placed via API.

Faulty orders

Orders with faults and defects due to ZetaPrints technology are excluded from billing. Please, email with order details should you get a faulty order.

Password-protected templates

Orders placed for templates from password-protected catalogs counted towards the monthly total at the time of placing the order.

Public catalogs

Orders placed for templates from public catalogs are counted towards the monthly total when you or your customer download any of the generated output files. The time and email address of the user downloading the first file is recorded in the status log for that order. Do not download files from any bogus orders to avoid being charged for them.

PDF generation for saved orders

Orders saved by users with “generate PDF on save” option are billable irrespective of any other conditions.

API orders

Orders placed via API are billed when output file generation is requested regardless of any other conditions.

Magento and API billing works slightly different from billing for the core web-to-print interface. Read more.

List of billable orders

web-to-print billingList of billable orders for the current month is located under Billing report. Past reports are available up to 6 months back.

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