Books for web-to-print


Text books are best created in word processors, but when it comes to illustrated books, inserts and covers we can definitely help. See our web-to-print books guide for book design overview and book size chart for sizes and downloadable templates.

Book covers

Remember, although it’s not judged by it, it is the cover that sells the book.

It is best to have the front cover first and the back cover second as separate template page, but that is not how the printing file will be imposed (as a spread). Consider having 2 different pages (the printer will do the imposition) or you can provide a separate printing template.

Front cover

The most common variable elements on a book’s front cover are:

  • Text frame for the title,
  • Image field for the illustrations,
  • Text frame for the author’s name,
  • Text frame for a small type text.

The illustrations in your web-to-print book template may be:

Note. Keep the front cover free of clutter.

Back cover

The back cover usually contains a text frame for the short description of the book or author’s biography and a image field for the book’s ISBN code. Sometimes the author’s photo is also placed on the back cover.

Illustrated books

Small pictorial books can be fun to make using web-to-print software. Usually, such templates  include the entire book with fixed number of pages, covers and inserts. The illustrations can be uploaded by users or selected from a list.

Download the free preview and print CDR files.

The main purpose of such books is to give the user ability to build a professionally designed book without becoming a graphic designer, so the key is making the template a complete press-ready product.

The most common features in a book’s inner page are:

  • Left and right inner pages.
  • Main content text frame
  • Variable image field
  • Page number
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