Branding and customization


You can make ZetaPrints brand absolutely transparent to you customers – they won’t even know they are using a hosted service. Your branding will create the impression they are using your website.

Why would I do the branding?

Your customers want to have confidence in the ordering process and seeing your brand will give them a peace of mind. We encourage you to replace the default Zetaprints theme with your own colour scheme, custom URL and the top banner.

Custom URL

Custom URL is the most important and most difficult part of branding.
At the beginning you accessed Zetaprints through its default URL http:/ You can replace it with your own URL which can be either:

  • a subdomain of your main website, e.g. http:/ (post card ordering for a popular news website
  • a completely new domain, e.g.

The URL will obscure Zetaprints from view of your customers because the primary identification will be your domain name.

We recommend you ask your website administrator to complete these tasks for you.

Read detailed instructions on setting up a custom URL.

Prepare your banner

You may want to prepare a banner that will replace standard ZetaPrints banner you see at the top of every page.

Make a GIF file 90px high and as wide as needed. Make sure that the banner does not obscure the links at the top-right corner of the screen.

For example, e-Stock designed a simple banner with their name and logo.

Set up your branding

Login to ZetaPrints with your printer email and password and click on Branding link.

The system will return a customization page.

Fill in the form on the screen:

Access URL – enter your newly created sub-domain (e.g.

Banner file – choose the GIF banner file, if you want to upload your own banner.

Colours – you may want
to adjust the colour scheme to closely match that of your main website. You
will need to know the values of the main colours from your website and then
play with the numbers here to make it look like your website.

If things go wrong…

Don’t panic! Click Reset customization and use default styles if you loose track of your changes and start over.

Link your website to ZetaPrints

Ask your website administrator to place a link on your website to ZetaPrints using your sub-domain.

ZetaPrints will always have your branding if accessed through your sub-domain.


ZetaPrints system accessed through (branded for
e-Stock system –

ZetaPrints system accessed through http:/ (branded for ET Graphics –

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