Bulk editing text fields


The Text fields page for each template offers a way of editing the templates’ text field parameters and copying them in bulk, across similar fields throughout the catalog.

This feature should come in handy when you want to set certain rules for multiple text fields from templates in your catalogs at once.

Edit web-to-print text field parameters

All parameters that are available in the Text field editor can also be set on the Text fields page of a web-to-print template.

Web-to-print template text fields page

The page contains a few tabs holding information regarding the text fields used in that template. The first tab, Template fields, also contains editing options regarding field parameters, same as in the field editor.

Web-to-print template text fields table

The first column in the template fields table holds the text field names (labels). Each field name represents a row of parameters that are currently set for that particular field.

Edit a web-to-print text field

To edit those parameters right there on the spot, click on the screen name link in the first column.

This activates the parameter editing option for that field and you can input/choose your preferred values.

Edit web-to-print text field parameters

Save text field parameters

After you’re done setting the parameters, click Save.

Note. The “apply to all” checkbox enables you to set the same parameter values you’ve just entered, for all fields in the catalog that share the same field name.

Copy parameters

The last column of the template fields table holds a list of templates from the same catalog that contain text fields with the same name.

Copy web-to-print parameters

If, for example, you wish to set the same parameters for all “Company Name” text fields on all business cards in a particular catalog, click on Copy parameters link in this column.
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