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You can make ZetaPrints brand absolutely transparent to you customers – they won’t even know they are using a hosted service. More »


Your can upload your banner only after setting up a custom access URL. More »


ZetaPrints web-to-print software interace can be completely re-branded using a custom CSS (style sheet). It is a more advanced option than the simple color change option. More »


ZetaPrints web-to-print portal provides basic user help pages. They are not specific to any particular brand and look as neutral as possible. You can redirect users to your own web-to-print help website with your own content. More »


You can extend ZetaPrints web-to-print portal interactivity with your own JavaScript.  The script will be called with onload event on every page so you can attach your own event handlers as needed. More »


Our hosted web-to-print websites can change their appearance via custom CSS files that you can develop yourself and make the site look the way you want. CSS gives you full control over the page layout, colours, fonts, images and other visual elements. More »


Our default web-to-print favicon can be replaced with your own. Favicon is the small image you see in the address bar, bookmarks and tabs. More »


Web-to-print homepage layout can be customized if you have web-to-print products opened to unregistered users. Otherwise the home page displays the login screen no matter what you select. More »


This feature is available only after setting up your custom access URL

A password protected homepage has a default message in your chosen language. The message can be replaced by you. The default demo is an unbranded demonstration of online ordering process and can also be replaced by you, if needed. More »


This post contains a list of available scripts to add interactivity to a ZetaPrints web-to-print portal. The scripts can be turned on and off by copying script URLs. All scripts are released as open source and can be modified and re-used. More »