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Learn how to create template catalogs, present them, embed or link to them


Catalogs are collections of templates. They may have different parameters regarding access control, appearance and lifetime. More »


List of web-to-print catalogs can be displayed as a text list or images. It gives you more flexibility in presenting them to your web-to-print products customers. More »


Web to print catalogs can be accessed via permalinks and user friendly URLs. Permalinks are permanent links with IDs and do not change for the lifetime of the catalog. User friendly URLs depend on the catalog’s title. More »


Sharing links to a web-to-print catalog or embedding the products into other websites using our e-cards widget can be made easier if you let visitors grab the links directly from the catalog page. Embedding your products into other websites is an excellent source of quality traffic. People try it over there and come to your site to complete the order. More »