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There are hundreds of thousands of fonts in the world. It is impossible to pre-install them all. Learn how to use fonts with your templates. More »


The art of wood inserts and incrustation can can be added to your web to print designs as if they were tailor-made. This technique is demonstrated on wood inserts, but can be applied to other substrates like tiles, textile or texture. More »


Sometimes a cool font is all you need to make your web to print template stand out. There are a lot of font collections out there, some are free and some cost a fortune. Here are some cool free font resources. More »


You need to have font files available to upload them to Zetaprints. More »


Some designs look impossible as web to print templates because of the amount of manipulation by hand they need. Using modified fonts may help with turning seemingly custom designs into web to print ones. More »


If your web-to-print template looses fonts when previewed or when PDF is generated, consider these common web-to-print issues: More »