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You can take advantage of Color Picker feature to make your web-to-print and dynamic imaging templates completely customizable. Assigning a color picker option to a variable image field lets users pick any solid fill color they want. More »


Web to print Image alignment is set via anchoring point which tells the web to print system how to align user-uploaded images within the boundaries of the placeholder. More »


A web-to-print image field can be used in a number of ways, depending on the settings. You can control if a user can upload images, use your stock images, a colour picker, combine layouts (orders), etc.

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Users can upload their own images into web-to-print templates. Images can be standalone or in a PowerClip (clipping path). A number of transformations and alignment rules can be applied as well. More »


Sometimes images need to be selected as a group, but the individual images go to different parts of a template. For example a document may require 2 photos of the same person. A web-to-print or dynamic imaging template can be constructed so that a user can choose a group of images for multiple fields. This clever web-to-print technique is called sprites. A similar technique is used a lot in web design as well. More »


Your can give the users the option to upload their own images in your templates. More »


Use the image placeholder in your template to set the required quality that the user uploaded images should have. User uploaded images will be downsampled to the parameters of the image placeholder. More »


Image quality is important for any web to print design. What looks good on the screen may look absolutely unacceptable in print. More »


There are two ways to give users the option to upload their own images into your web-to-print template: an Image placeholder and a Power clip. More »


Templates may have image placeholders for users to upload their own images. It is also possible to provide a collection of images for users to choose from instead of uploading their own. More »


User uploaded images can be cropped, downsized or even upsized to fill a specific area in your web-to-print template which can be any shape or Artistic text. More »


When creating buttons for website menus, keep in mind that in some cases, buttons are not only identified by the text on them but by icons (symbols) as well. Learn how to give users an option of choosing the appropriate icon for each button type in a single web menu button template. More »