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Setting up rules, constraints and presets for text fields after you’ve uploaded your template


The Text fields page for each template offers a way of editing the templates’ text field parameters and copying them in bulk, across similar fields throughout the catalog. More »


Dataset is like a small database attached to a template. It contains values for text fields your customers can choose from. This is an extension to lists of values feature. More »


A web-to-print input form users see when placing an order is made up of text and/or image input fields. Properties of each text input field are set from the properties of text frames in the source file, but can also be edited in a Field Editor on the site.

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Users can be restricted to what they can enter in the text fields via lists of values or datasets. More »


Phone number formatting has always been a difficult one. Learn how you can enforce some simple formatting rules using a matching pattern. More »


Sometimes it is necessary to give web-to-print users only Yes/No option instead of free text input, but YES would translate into a tick on a check box in the design and NO would translate to an empty check box. More »