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Web to print orders may require a delivery address. There are 2 options: simple, one text box address or a structured address with multiple text controls. More »


Web-to-print orders placed by unregistered users go under user IDs and the real identity of the user may never be known. There are 2 ways to claim these orders. More »


Business users of your web-to-print portal may need “cost center” option to attribute orders to different expense types / accounts. There are 2 options:

  • fixes list of cost centers
  • user-entered cost center More »

Orders page has link Empty next to Deleted folder. Clicking on the link will permanently remove some orders from Deleted. More »


Web to print orders can go directly to the printer for fulfillment or be put on hold for approval by a third person, usually some sort of a manager from the customer’s organisation. More »


Paid web-to-print orders can be canceled by users before they enter ‘in print‘ status. It may go against your cancellation policy. Use a custom policy to prevent it. More »


Orders can have comments (notes) attached to them by anyone with access to the order. More »


All orders for web to print products are retained in the database for a certain period of time and then removed permanently. More »


Every order has a status. This article explains the rules and meanings behind status names. More »


ZetaPrints web-to-print system is running in UTC/GMT time zone. It is also known as Universal Cooridinated Time or Greenwich Mean Time. You can change the time zone for your web to print portal on Details page. All new orders will be placed in the selected time zone. More »