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Setting up your website is easy but asking a professional to assist you might help you save time and money. More »


Finding a hosting company is easy – just run a search for “web hosting”. Finding a good one is hard. We give you some tips on what to look for. More »


A good hosting company will have a “one click install” option for WordPress. Otherwise it can be done manually. More »


A printer’s website is rather useless without Large file upload . There are many online services offering large file transfer to satisfy all different usage scenarios and budgets. We used SendThisFile for your demo. More »


Quote request is one of the most important features for a printer’s website. The pages can be built as custom forms tailored to your specific needs using a free plugin. More »


Website content is more important than than “singing and dancing” interface. Invest some time in writing and refining your pages. More »


Plugins are little pieces of code that add more functionality to the basic web-to-print and dynamic imaging website. They are very easy to install and maintain. More »


WordPress themes are like skins – they give every installation its look and set of features. Themes can be developed exclusively for you, purchased or downloaded for free. More »


Installing a WordPress theme in your web-to-print and dynamic imaging website is quick and easy. There are 2 ways to do it depending on where you found the theme. More »