CD/DVD case covers


CD/DVDs are stored in standard casings and it is the cover that catches the customers eye first. Appart from the cover, allmost all of the standard CD/DVD cases can also hold a thin booklet.

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Things to consider:

  • Size – The cases used for CD/DVD storage come in few standard sizes.
  • Color space – Use CMYK
  • Bleed – Add a bleed area.
  • Image quality – Image placeholders should have 300 DPI of resolution.
  • Fonts – The smallest type should not be smaller than 7pt.


Here are the standard cover sizes used in CD/DVD cases.

Standard CD/DVD case cover sizes
Dimensions (mm) Dimensions (in) Free template file
Standard CD Case Front (120 x 120)
Back (150 x 117)
Front (4,724 x 4,724)
Back (5,906 x 4,606)
Slim CD case 120 x 120 4,724 x 4,724 CDR PDF
Standard DVD box 272 x 184 (14 spine) 10,709 x 7,244 (0,551 spine) CDR PDF
Slim DVD box 265 x 184 (7 spine) 10,433 x 7,244 (0,276 spine) CDR PDF
CD/DVD sleeve (pocket) 125 x 125 4,921 x 4,921 CDR PDF
Blu-ray case 270 x 149 (14 spine) 10,63 x 5,866 (0,551 spine) CDR PDF

Appart from a single paper sheet (front and back page), the CD’s front inlay can also be a front cover of a multipage booklet. Also, almost all DVD cases have inner box tabs that can hold a booklet containing additional information about the content of the DVD. Here are the standard booklet dimensions:

Standard CD/DVD booklet sizes
Standard Dimensions (mm) Dimensions (in) Free template file
CD booklet 120 x 120 4,724 x 4,724 CDR PDF
DVD booklet 120 x 180 4,724 x 7,087 CDR PDF
Blu-ray booklet 117 x 145 4,606 x 5,709 CDR PDF

Note. Make sure the number of pages that the booklet contains is dividible by 4 if it’s to be staple binded.

Color space

In order for the colors on the final printed product to look as close as possible to the colors on your PC display, you should work in 4 color CMYK mode. RGB and spot color templates are usually converted to CMYK before printing, which may cause color shifting.

Note. Since the CD/DVD label printing process is different than the paper printing methods used for the CD/DVD cover printing, the colors may sometimes be slightly different.

Bleed area

Add a bleed area to your CD/DVD case cover web-to-print template. The standard bleed size can vary from one printing company to the other, but generally is 3mm (0.125 inches). Read more about bleed.

Image quality

The image placeholders should have at least 300 DPI of resolution. Read more about image quality here.

Font size

The font size depends on the type of font you’re using but a good guideline is to use a type size not smaller than 7-8 point.



Try this web-to-print template.

Download the FREE CorelDRAW template file.



The most common features of a web-to-print CD/DVD cover template are:

  • Front cover, back cover and (a single spine area for DVD cases and 2 spine areas for the CD back cover).
  • Large text frame,
  • Replaceable image field for the background
  • Small type text.

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