CD/DVD labels


CD’s and DVD’s are the most widely used data containers. Appart from audio, video, software, games etc., a CD/DVD can even be used as a business card.

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Things to consider:

  • Size – CDs and DVDs come in internationaly standardized sizes.
  • Color space – Use CMYK
  • Bleed – Keep your artwork within the safe area.
  • Image quality – Image placeholders should have 300 DPI of resolution.
  • Font size – The smallest type should not be smaller than 7pt.
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CDs and DVDs have standard sizes, the only variations are the custom shaped/cut CD/DVDs like the ones used as business cards.

Standard CD/DVD disc sizes
Disc Type
Dimensions (mm) Dimensions (in) Free template file
CD/DVD or Blu-ray
120 (diameter)
118 print area (-22 center area)
4,724 (diameter)
4,646 print area (-0,866 center area)
CD/DVD or Blu-ray
80 (diameter)
78 print area (-22 center area)
3,15 (diameter)
3,071 print area (-0,866 center area)
business card
85 x 60
(83 x 58 print area)
3,346 x 2,362
(3,268 x 2,283 print area)
Hockey rink CD/DVD business card 80 x 63
(78 x 61 print area)
3,15 x 2,48
(3,071 x 2,402 print area)
Credit card sized 85,60 × 53,98
(83,6 x 51,98 print area)
3,370 × 2,125
(3,291 x 2,046 print area)

If you’re creating a business card CD/DVD, check out the business card guide for more usefull information.

Note. There are many companies that give their customers the option of choosing their own custom shaped CD/DVDs.

Color space

Professional CD/DVD label printers can print any image on the disc but, to achieve best quality, try to avoid gradients, shadows or photos and use vectorized graphics with sharp edges. This gives the printer the option to use the screen printing method which will result in a highest quality print.

In order for the colors on the final printed product to look like the colors you chose on your PC display, you should work in 4 color CMYK mode.

Note. Since the CD/DVD label printing process is different than the paper printing methods used for the CD/DVD cover and booklet printing, the colors may sometimes be slightly different.

Bleed area

The CD/DVD label printers can print as close as 1mm to the outter edge of the disc. Ex. If the physical size of the disc is 120mm in diameter, the maximum print area is 118mm in diameter. The inner edge diameter, which is the middle hole on every disc, should be exactly:

  • 22mm – for maximum print area (used for all disc types and prefered for mini and custom shaped discs)
  • 36mm – which leaves the center plastic ring arround the disc’s middle hole transparent.

Note. Use one of the templates from the upper table and be sure to keep your artwork within the safe area.

Image quality

The image placeholders should have at least 300 DPI of resolution. Read more about image quality here.

Font size

The font size depends on the type of font you’re using, but a good guideline is to use a type size not smaller than 7-8 point.



Try this web-to-print template.


Download the FREE CorelDRAW template file.



The most common features of a web-to-print CD/DVD label template are:

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