Changing default previews


Reducing template file size has a downside – the thumb in the catalog may look unattractive. You can change the default preview and still keep the file small.

Watch a Flash demonstration on this topic

Large multi-page templates, like wall calendars or brochures may be well over the allowed upload limit. We suggest simplifying placeholder images to reduce file size and then changing the default preview after uploading the file while you do the testing.

14.9 MB file preview vs. 74 KB file preview

1.jpg 2.jpg

Change default previews after uploading the template

  1. Upload the template
  2. Prepare the images to be used with the template
  3. Update the preview to achieve the desired look
  4. Click on Save link just under the preview image
  5. Repeat with other pages – previews are saved per page


Restore the original default preview

Click on “Restore default” link under the preview image to restore the preview to that generated when you uploaded the template.
restore web to print preview

Advanced details

  • This feature is available to holders of printer or designer accounts only. Your customers cannot do this.
  • Preview images are saved per page. The link disappears when save operation is completed and the server confirmed it.
  • An error message is displayed if the preview could not be saved.
  • The link may not disappear after clicking if you have Java Script disabled or there is a communication problem with the server. Reload the page and try again.
  • The images are saved in the size you see in the preview. Choose the most appropriate one. The thumbs are reduced to the standard size.
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