Color Chart for Printer Gamut Test


If you’ve wanted to test the color range your printer is capable of, we’ve got just the document for you. It is extremely useful for web to print design and production.

This .PDF will print a sample of every CMYK ink combination, from pure white to fully saturated rich black, in 5% increments. You’ll need to follow the instructions in the file to ensure that you are set up to overprint all the colors, and then you’ll have a hard copy for comparison to other models of printer (and other papers/substrates).

If you use a Pantone book, you may also wish to find (and mark) any CMYK combinations on your printed pages that correspond to frequently-used PMS colors. If your industry uses another set of standard color chips (like Wilflex or Sherwin-Williams), the same suggestion applies — as well as if you’re trying to match some of your monitor colors for web-to-print jobs.

Our thanks go out to Jean Claude Boujaoude for sending in this file.

Just click on the link below to get started.


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