Color management for RGB output


The default color preview setting in CorelDRAW is CMYK (full color) which is used for printing purposes. This preview mode makes CorelDRAW show the colors in your document as close as posible to what they will look like in print. The default CMYK profile in CorelDRAW needs to be changed to RGB mode when creating Dynamic imaging templates, as opposed to creating web-to-print templates.


Working under the default CMYK preview mode in CorelDRAW while creating Dynamic imaging templates (for on-screen purposes) will cause the colors in the final product to appear quite different from the colors you see in CorelDRAW. This will be the case even if you were using RGB colors.

RGB Green viewed under CMYK color profile/

(Ex.) This is the default Green RGB color (R: 0; G:255; B:0) previewed under the CMYK mode in CorelDRAW.

RGB Green viewed in your catalog/

Uploaded in your catalog and processed by our web-to-print software the same color will appear like this.

Change the CorelDRAW color preview mode

To avoid these color differences and be able to pick RGB colors when creating a Dynamic imaging template, you need to change CorelDRAW color management settings.

Dynamic imaging CorelDRAW color management access/



Go to Tools in the top menu and click on Color Management…





In Color Management pop-up window, choose Optimized for the Web preset from the drop-down menu and click OK.

Dynamic imaging CorelDRAW color management window

This instructs CorelDRAW to show all colors just like they appear on displays and in your catalog after you’ve uploaded the template.

CorelDRAW color management previews

RGB colors in CMYK mode

RGB colors in RGB mode
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