Complex variable gradients


Apart from using the two-color variable gradient fills technique for creating variable multicolor gradients, you can also combine the two and end up with a multicolor gradient fill where the user chooses a single color that effects the entire multicolor gradient. It makes a complex web-to-print template easier to use.

Dynamic imaging complex gradient

Before you start

Dynamic imaging before you start


  • Add a page frame in the web-to-print template (double click on the rectangle tool). This will create a rectangular background shape with the exact same size as the paper size of your template and place it as a bottom layer.
  • Select the background shape, duplicate it to end up with 3 equal shapes and assign different colors to them.
  • Assign variable colors to the bottom shape.


In a nutshell, we’re going to layer 2 static color transparent shapes with different transparency operations on top of a variable color shape. Both shapes will “fade out” towards the middle of the page, revealing the variable background shape as the middle color of the gradient.


Dynamic imaging top fade/


Select the top shape, activate CorelDRAW’s Transparency tool and assign a linear transparency to the shape by dragging the cursor top to bottom as far as half the height of the page. Chose Difference as the transparency operation.


Dynamic imaging transparency settings

Dynamic imaging bottom fade/


Repeat the same step with the bottom shape by dragging CorelDRAW transparency tool bottom to top this time. Change the transparency operation to Add.



Dynamic imaging gradient structure/

The result should be similar to this. The top and bottom static shapes are fading out towards the middle and revealing the variable color shape at the center.



Note. The different transparency operations assigned to the top and bottom fade out will determine their colors according to the merge mode rules and the color of the bottom layer.

All done!

Upload the template into your web-to-print catalog and test it.

Web-to-print users will be able to change the overall color scheme of the gradient fill by choosing a single color with a color picker.

Download the FREE CorelDRAW template file.

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