Composite text blocks


Some texts are not uniform. They may consist of different colour segments, different fonts, emphasis, etc. It would be difficult for any software to try and guess how to reformat user input based on complex composite structures. The easiest way is to split them up into segments.

web to print - composite text
It’s time to play game!” is essentially a composite text consisting of multi-line “It’s time to play” and yellow “GAME!“.

  1. Convert the artistic frame into paragraph frame
  2. Cut and paste the frame into the same place – we need 2 of them
  3. Remove IT’S TIME TO PLAY to make a frame for GAME! part only. Resize, center-align and top-align. Rename it to Game name in the object browser
  4. Remove GAME! from the other frame. Resize, center-align and bottom-align. Rename it to Time to play slogan in the object browser

Now both frames sit one on top of the other and the vertical alignment makes it appear as a continuous piece of text regardless of the length of user text.
Make them multi-line paragraphs: press enter after every line.
Make the text auto-resize: press one more enter at the last position to make them overflow.

web to print - composite text

Vertical alignment: the top frame must be aligned to the bottom and the bottom frame to the top.
Horizontal alignment: both frames need to be centered.

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