CorelDRAW envelope tool


CorelDRAWs Envelope tool can come in handy in many different situations. Use it to stretch and compress any object or text using eight available points and achieve any desired shape.

About the tool

The Envelope tool can be found in CorelDRAW toolbox menu on the left under Interactive tools group. The default interactive tool is Blending tool, click and hold on the icon to gain access to the other tools in the group and Envelope tool it self.

CorelDRAW envelope bounding box/

Activating Envelope tool, while you have an object selected, will change the objects Transformation bounding box to an dynamic envelope with 8 nodes.


Drag nodes/


Select a node and drag it to shape the object.



Add node/


You can also add nodes as needed. Left Click on the envelope frame where you want the new node to be positioned and Right Click/Add to confirm the new node placement. You may need to add/remove nodes to achieve a shape you need.


CorelDRAW envelope tool presets/


There are 6 default presets available for the tool. You can pick any of them and change the entire shape of the object in a single click. Presets are good starting points because you can add/remove nodes to further modify the envelope.



Nodes selection mode

CorelDRAW node selection mode/
There are two ways of selecting which nodes to tamper with. Rectangular and Freehand.

Rectangular selection
Rectangle selection mode

Freehand selection
Freehand selection mode

Node mode

Node mode/
These 3 Envelope node modes work the same as if you’re working with nodes on a curve.

  • Crisp – lets you move the node arrows in any position and shape a corner, each arrow length is independent
  • Smooth – constrains the node arrows to form a straight line, each arrow length is independent
  • Symmetrical – constrains the node arrows to form a straight line, arrow length must be same for both

Envelope constrains

CorelDRAW envelope constrainsApart from the default Unconstrained Envelope mode which lets you edit the nodes of the envelope freely and independently, there are 3 more modes. These modes let you shape an entire edge of the envelope by dragging a single node.

Unconstrained envelope
Unconstrained mode
Single arc envelope
Single Arc mode
Double arc envelope
Double Arc mode

CorelDRAW envelope tool in web-to-print templates

You should keep these few rules in mind when applying the Envelope effect to an Artistic text frame.

  • The text will not extend the envelope no matter how long the text is.
  • The font will be automatically downsized to fit as if you assigned the auto font resizing option for texts longer than what can fit in the frame
  • The font will not be up-sized to fill the entire envelope even if you have Force Justify text alignment assigned to the text frame
  • New lines/paragraphs have to be entered by the user manually

Practical use

CorelDRAW Envelope tool can be used to achieve many different visual effects in web-to-print and dynamic imaging templates. Here are a few of the techniques where we used it:

Web-to-print magnifying glass tutorial
Magnifying glass
Web-to-print text on a cylinder tutorial
Text on a cylinder
Web-to-print Manual text wrapping tutorial
Manual text wrapping
Web-to-print text on a glossy sphere
Text on a glossy
Web-to-print tattoo tutorial
Text with semi-transparent
fill in a curve
Web-to-print Hippie typography
Hippie typography

Copy effect

If you want to use the same envelope on multiple objects you can save time by copying the effect rather than recreating it all over again for multiple objects.

To do this you need to select the object you want the envelope copied to, go to Effects/Copy Effect/Envelope From… and click on the object you want the envelope copied from.

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