CorelDRAW tables in web-to-print templates


CorelDRAW table tool is very useful for complex web-to-print templates. This article explains limitations of variable web-to-print fields in a table.

About the tool

CorelDRAW Table tool can be found in CorelDRAW toolbox menu on the left. This is a new tool that was introduced in CorelDRAW X4 for the first time. Check out CorelDRAW Table Tool tutorial part 1 and part 2 to learn about:

Images inside table cells

Placing images inside table cells makes the image placeholders appear like they are placed inside a PowerClip container but they will act like Simple image placeholders in your web-to-print templates. Read more about PowerClip VS simple placeholder.

Web-to-print cropped image/


Although the image appears cropped by the cell borders, physically it’s still there.



Web-to-print page overlflow/



After uploading the template in your catalog, the overall size of the page will contain the invisible part of the image.




The best way to go, when trying to avoid this problem, is to:

  • Use image placeholders that are the same size as the table cell or
  • Draw your PowerClip container the same size as the table cell and place it on top of the table object.


Basically, a table acts as a group of objects. When the web-to-print template is uploaded in your catalog, they system looks for variable fields as far as one step in a PowerClip. Read more about web-to-print limitations.

Web-to-print grouping limitations/


Grouping and PowerCliping variable fields inside table cells renders them static since they are ignored by the system.

Ex. The image placeholder left of the blue vertical line will be recognized as a variable field while the PowerCliped image right of the blue line will be ignored and processed as a static image.

Field order

The table cells in the Object Manager (Window/Dockers/Object Manager) are arranged

Web-to-print field order

  • row by row,
  • left to right.

This can restricts the input fields order in the form to a less logical order than needed. Read more about arranging fields in logical order.


Web-to-print table created brochure/


This brochure was done with the help of CorelDRAW table tool.


Try this web-to-print template.

Download the template file.

Usefull links

  • Creating a flyer in CorelDRAW X4 using the Table Tool and Live Text Preview from
  • Quick flyer layout using Table tool in CorelDraw video tutorial at

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