Cost centers


Business users of your web-to-print portal may need “cost center” option to attribute orders to different expense types / accounts. There are 2 options:

  • fixes list of cost centers
  • user-entered cost center

Setting up cost centers

Web-to-print cost centers are set per catalog as shown in the screenshot below:

web-to-print cost centers

Entering a list of cost centers will give the user a drop-down with the values you provided. It is convenient when the number of the cost centers is not too huge and they don’t change too often.

Entering * as the only value of the text box will allow the user to enter anything in the cost center text box.

The order screen will have no cost center option if you leave the text box empty.

Using cost centers

Once cost centers are specified as a list or free text (*) the web-to-print order form gets a drop down or a text box in the order form.

web-to-print cost centers

Selected cost centers show in order details and in the orders report.

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