10. Create simple products

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Once your web-to-print templates are imported into the Magento database you can create simple products for those templates. Only templates that have no matching products are used to create new simple web-to-print products.

Simple products vs. other product types

Simple products can be generated automatically by our web-to-print extension from the imported templates. One product generated per template.

Only simple products can be auto-generated in this way. You need to manually assign templates to products of other types.

ZetaPrints products creation profile

This advanced profile is automatically created when the extension is installed. Navigate to System / Import/Export / Advanced Profiles.

  • Name: ZetaPrints products creation
  • Action XML: you should see the following XML code in the Actions XML field of the profile:

Run products creation profile

Navigate to System / Import/Export / Advanced Profiles. Select ZetaPrints products creation profile and click on Run Profile tab on the left. Click Run Profile in Popup button. It will initiate a process which may take several minutes.

Note. Newly created web-to-print products are not usable after the import and have to be configured manually.

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