Custom access URL


Learn how to set up a your domain/subdomain and point it at Zetaprints.

We recommend you ask your website administrator to complete these tasks for you.

Here is what needs to be done.

Choose a domain name

Choose what domain or subdomain you want to you use to access your online print ordering service. Some ideas for you:


The list goes on and the name really depends on the nature of your business.
Do not use WWW-prefix if you are using a subdomain. E.g. should really be just

Register domain / create subdomain

This step will be different for different domain name registrars and Internet Service Providers (ISPs). They may have what is called a Control Panel or CPanel where you can mange your domain names yourself or you may need to send them a request to do it from their end. It is possible they will ask you to upgrade your account in order to create a subdomain.

Point your domain / subdomain at Zetaprints

You may find this step difficult, so we advise you ask a knowledgeable person to help you.  Read what needs to be done, but ensure you read further on on how it can be accomplished.

Create a CNAME

CNAME is a type of DNS record that tells a web browser to use an IP address of some other website, but still show the initial domain name in the browser.
You need to create a CNAME record in your name server and point it at ZETAPRINTS.COM

This option is preferred because you need to get it done once and will not need to change anything even if changes its IP address, which is certain to happen in not too distant future. The address will change because we grow and will also likely to use dynamic DNS services where a user is routed to its nearest Zetaprints data center for better performance. E.g users from Europe may get a different IP from users in Aisia. Using CNAME will ensure you do not need to make any changes and can continue with the service uninterrupted.

How to create a CNAME record

Advanced control panels

Check the screen of your domain management panel (control panel). Type in ZETAPRINTS.COM into CNAME text box and make sure there no A-records for the same domain/subdomain. Very few control panels have this option.

Manual set-up

Send the following request to your domain name registrar:

Hello ……,
The CNAME record should point at “ZETAPRINTS.COM”.
Note, that I’m asking for a CNAME record, not an A-record.

Test your domain name

It may take up to 48 hours before the domain name becomes active.
Try to use your newly created domain / subdomain. Your should see a Zetaprints screen, but with your domain name in the address bar.
Login with your printer’s email/password. The system will read the domain name and assign it to your account.

Your domain name is set up incorrectly if:

  • you see http:/some IP address / … in the address bar
  • you see http:/… in the address bar
  • the system won’t let you to login with your printer’s email/password, but you can still login when you access it through http:/

How to get assistance

We are unable to complete the domain name registration process on your behalf because your domain name is your property and your domain name registrar or ISP will not take instructions from a third party.

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