Custom CSS


ZetaPrints web-to-print software interace can be completely re-branded using a custom CSS (style sheet). It is a more advanced option than the simple color change option.

Default styles

Every ZetaPrints hosted web-to-print portal comes with a default set of styles. They are defined in main.css or another .css file with name matching the printer’s ID. E.g. F3E48B54-9EE6-403C-8760-30EE650F0814.css

Redefining default styles

A printer can provide an additional stylesheet that redefines the existing styles and possibly defines new ones. The stylesheet needs to be hosted outside of ZetaPrints. The best option is to upload it into your www-website to keep the domain name the same.

The custom CSS can change fonts, colors, layout, background images, buttons, input controls and other elements.

Enter the URL of the stylesheet into CSS URL text box:

Web to print custom CSS

Web to print custom CSS

CSS design is a specialized area of web design. We recommend using suitably qualified web designers only.

Additional styles and IDs

Some elements may be out of reach from the custom CSS because they cannot be addressed in some or particular layouts. Your web designer should contact to request new IDs or class names.


ZetaPrints web-to-print interface can be quickly enhanced with our collection of web-to-print skins. They are CSS files hosted on our servers. Use them as is or download and modify the way you want.

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