Custom help pages


ZetaPrints web-to-print portal provides basic user help pages. They are not specific to any particular brand and look as neutral as possible. You can redirect users to your own web-to-print help website with your own content.

Default location

Web-to-print user help is located in /userhelp/ folder under your domain name. E.g. if your web-to-print ordering portal was under then the user help would be under

Setting up custom help site

Log in using your site owner account (printer, publisher, business, etc.).

Navigate to BRANDING / Homepage layout.

Enter the URL to your web-to-print help site for user into Help site text box.

web-to-print help for users

Special help pages

Some of ZetaPrints system pages have links directly to particular help pages.  Your custom help site should have matching entries to avoid broken links.


Zetaprints URL:

Your custom help URL: , where is the help URL you entered into Help URL text box.

This list is updated as new pages are added over time. Changes are announced on the our web-to-print blog.

Content for custom help pages

You are welcome to copy contents of our default hep site ( to your custom help site and make any changes you need.

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