Dataset is like a small database attached to a template. It contains values for text fields your customers can choose from. This is an extension to lists of values feature.

Web-to-print datasets on Preview pages

Users may enter their own texts in the form or can pick them from the dataset, if one is available.


A template with a dataset attached has a link to look it up on every page.



Users can choose the entire row or individual cells by clicking on them. The values are inserted into the text fields on-click. Selected values are highlighted.

Users can change the values after they were inserted. The values won’t be highlighted in the dataset if they were changed or not present on the current page (for multi-page templates).

Watch a Flash demonstration on this topic

Uploading web-to-print datasets

Datasets can be uploaded and attached to a template on Text Fields page under Datasets tab.

  1. Download the stub for your dataset as an Excel spreadsheet.
  2. Populate it with your values, including any multiline values.
  3. The first column of the spreadsheet has no header. You can leave it blank or use it as an identifier for the row, e.g. the branch name with all the branch details following it.
  4. You can populate as many columns as needed after the last one in the stub. They will show in the dataset in smaller font and can be used for comments, special instructions, etc.
  5. Save the file without changing its format (Excel 2003, saved as XML)
  6. Upload the file on the same page where you downloaded it from

Once uploaded it will be added to your dataset collection and attached to the template. Users see the link to the dataset immediately after it’s attached to the template.

Enforce integrity

You can use this feature to enforce selection of the entire row of data only so that users will not be able to combine values from different rows by selecting individual cells. This feature can be turned on and off by clicking on Enforce integritylink by your uploaded dataset.

Note. Refresh the page after uploading a new dataset to see the link.

Re-using datasets


An uploaded dataset can be attached to more than one template. Click on View all datasets link, choose the dataset and click attach. The selected dataset will be attached to the current template.



Re-uploading a template with Replace the current file checkbox checked on will replace the content of the dataset for this and any other templates using it. Otherwise a new dataset is created and attached to the current template while other templates are unaffected.

Removing and deleting web-to-print datasets

Clicking on Remove will detach the current dataset from the template. Other templates remain unaffected.

Deleting a dataset physically removes it from the site and from any templates using it. This action cannot be undone. You will need to re-upload if you delete a dataset by mistake.

Field consistency

It is important to keep field names consistent across templates if you use datasets. Field management page has other tabs to help you identify any inconsistencies and fix them. E.g. fields Name and Full Name are two different fields for the site. Even Name and name are two different fields.

Having the same field parameters (e.g. multiline / single line) is important too. A dataset won’t work correctly if a user inserts a few paragraphs of text in a single line text box.

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